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This week’s editorial

The faculty day is fast approaching: June 13th where you can “Meet the best!”

Søren Falch’s junior and senior prize will be awarded and the Falch lecture 2019 is held by  Professor Maiken Nedergaard, University of Copenhagen who has conducted exciting translational brain research, including underpinning the importance of the glymphatic system and sleep for brain health!

More awards to be handed out: this year’s publication, this year’s PhD, this year’s research group, prizes for internationalization, outstanding dissemination and teaching. K2 has previously received several prizes, which K2s are being honored this year?

And apropos teaching; since the faculty promotes the new title of “Excellent teacher” (which will actually lead to a salary increase!), here are some career planning tips:

Complete the basic module in pedagogy that was scheduled within two years of hiring in your main UiB position (and finish the compulsory written task/paper), anyone else but me who feel hit by the time-squeeze….?)

Remember to record consecutively in your teaching-portifolio any teaching activites you are contributing to, including teaching administration activities (student rounds, skill sessions, preparing written materials, semester boards, creating quizzes, preparing /evaluating exams), retrospective registration will often lead to missing bits..

Something else however still related to teaching: bioinformatics. This is an increasingly important part of much of our activity; with different “-omics”, both understanding and practical use of different computer science methods are required when we have large datasets with eg genetic data or “big-data” in general. K2 has employed an “own” bioinformatician: Anagha Joshi, but as per. today we have not implemented any structured bioinformatic teaching in our study programs. CBU; Computational Biology Unit runs interdisciplinary (informatics / mathematics / chemistry / biology) research and teaching at various study programs/levels and has initiated a joint call to identify what might be coordinated bioinformatic teaching also in medicine/pharmacy (our study programs).

Can our students benefit from existing courses, for example during elective periods or research-line students/PhD students during other parts of the terms? Is there a need for postgraduate courses in relation to your research/subject area?

Anaghi and I are interested in input that we will convey further. Anaghi will gladly contribute to developing courses, but we want to avoid duplication with already existing courses and rather promote courses “across” study-diciplines.

(Norwegian) Informasjon om Inkubatorbygget og konsekvenser for drift av Dyreavdelingen

Det skal bygges et nybygg på to etasjer på parkeringsdekket i 8. etasje i BB-bygget. Dette bygget, Inkubatorbygget, skal bl.a. huse innovasjonsvirksomhet ved Universitetet i Bergen, Helse Bergen og VIS Innovasjon AS (tidl. BTO AS).

Det vil i denne sammenheng være begrenset kapasitet på Dyreavdelingen i BB-bygget en periode i 2020.

Prosjektledelsen har informert om at bygganskaffelsen er kunngjort og i dens konkurransegrunnlag er det satt opp følgende dagmulktbelagte datoer* for byggeperioden:

Tiltak Dato*
Start riving parkeringsdekke 8. etasje BBB 23.03.2020
Start hullboring fundamentfot stålsøyler 04.05.2020
Slutt hulldekkemontasje/takelement 03.07.2020
Overtagelse alle fag før oppstart prøvedrift 01.09.2021
Oppstart prøvedrift 01.10.2021
Godkjent prøvedrift 01.10.2022

Det er forventet oppstart av byggearbeid fra mars/april 2020 – og ca. 3 måneder med total driftsstans på dyreavdelingen BB-bygget på grunn av støy i forbindelse med byggearbeid. Entreprenøren kan ta forbehold om fremdriften, som byggherren må akseptere. Da vil perioden med driftsstans bli lengre. Etter disse ca. 3 månedene vil det også pågå innvendige arbeider som også bråker. Det vil foretas prøver på aktuelle støyende aktiviteter og målinger av støygjennomgangen ned i 7. etasje. Brukerne må så ta stilling til om slike lyder vil være akseptable for dyrene.

Konsekvenser for forskere:

Forskere må:

  • Avslutte/fullføre så mye forsøk som mulig høsten 2019
  • Nedskalere all avl på Vivarium for å gjøre plass til forsøk fra BBB på Vivarium
  • Vurdere nedfrysing av alle linjer det ikke allerede finnes backup på
  • Vurdere å sette vekk til kontraktsavl i en periode

Eventuelle spørsmål om løsninger og tilrettelegging i byggeprosessen kan rettes aurora.bronstad@uib.no

The Election to the Department Council group B at K2 has started

To staff in group B
The election of new members to The Department Council at Department of Clinical Science has started. There is to be elected one member from group B (temporary academic staff).

There are four candidates running for election:

Torsvik, Anja Postdoktor
Saghaug, Christina Skår Stipendiat
Ghila, Luiza Postdoktor
Petrovic, Aleksandra Stipendiat

The election is ongoing until  Tuesday 4. June 12:00 AM

You may vote here.

Best regards,
The Election Committee at the Faculty of Medicine

New names

Olivera Bozickovic started working in April as a biobank engineer in the Bergen Gynecological Cancer Research Group at the Women’s Clinic. She is a part of an exciting multinational study MoMaTEC2 on gynecologic cancer biology and the life quality of patients. Her office is situated on the 4th floor of the Women’s clinic or you can contact her on the following e-mail address: olivera.bozickovic@uib.no.

New Names

Synnøve Yndestad started as a Postdoc at K2, at the KG Jebsen Center for Genome-Directed Cancer therapy in desember 2018. She works in the Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory located in 1M in the laboratory building. There she focuses on triple negative breast cancer, and how the cancer cells ability to repair DNA affects treatment outcome. Fell free to stop by, or email: Synnøve.Yndestad@uib.no.

New Names

Rebecca Wangen started as a chief engineer for the Precision Oncology Research Group 01.02.19, with focus on leukemia. She has a BSc and MSc in molecular biology from UoB, and her special field is proteomics. Her office is located at third floor in the Lab building, room 3160. You can get in touch with her on mail: rebecca.wangen@uib.no


New publications

Here are recent publications with contributions from K2 based on last week’s search on PubMed (and optionally articles that have not been included in previous lists). This time the list includes in total 3 recent publications. The entries appear in the order they were received from NCBI. If you have publications that are not included in this or previous lists, please send the references to Hege F. Berg.

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