Thank you

Dear everyone

Thank you for your support and cooperation during the 6 months stint as Acting head of Department. I have to admit that it has been somewhat demanding to allocate the necessary time to the job, as other commitments have taken their time too. Head of Administration Julie and her team have done a great job of helping me with the work- thank you so much! The others in the leader team, Silke, Emmet and Jone have also helped by pulling extra weight.

Then there is always potential for improvement. The announcement and hiring processes takes a long time. There are many steps in such a process and there are formal requirements and regulations to be followed. In some cases, the delays have been due to me, in other cases it is the sum of all the steps that cause delays. That said, be confident that we are working to improve ourselves.

The dedicated e-mail address to the head of department ( and the department administration ( will be prolonged under Pål’s leadership. My experience is that it improves communication and secures that all questions are answered in reasonable time.

Thank you all again, and welcome back Pål!

Deputy Head of Department

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