Daily Archives: Friday May 25th, 2018

Two new opportunities for performing high-quality research studies: FHU/RUHS and the EasyTrial booking system

FHU/ RUHS (Forskningsenhet for helseundersøkelser/ Research Unit for Health Surveys) www.uib.no/nb/fhu , www.uib.no/en/ruhs is a new core facility at K2 that was officially opened in November 2017. The aim is to undertake clinical health surveys. (Projects that need hospital facilities for the participants are performed at Haukeland University Hospital.) FHU is a collaboration between the University of Bergen and Haukeland University hospital, anchored at K2, and has received funding for establishment from the Bergen Research Foundation. Until now FHU has performed approximately 400 investigations in persons participating in the projects Psorax35 (PI Steinar Kåre Tveit) and the Carbfunc (PI Simon Dankel). We are about to start the large HUSK3 study (PI Eva Gerdts), and we are finalizing the plans for the RHINESSA 4th generation study (PI Cecilie Svanes) that will start after the summer. These projects cover a broad spectrum of research, addressing psoriasis, obesity, cardiology and respiratory health; and different study designs such as intervention and population based studies.

FHU/ RUHS has since the opening November 2017 needed a booking system, in order to allocate dates, personnel and equipment to the participants in the research projects undertaken at the facility. The University of Bergen has since 2015 been trying to provide a booking system for its core facilities. FHU, supported by Per Bruvold at Innkjøpsavdelingen, initiated a bidding process in November 2017. Four different systems applied, two of them were assessed for further consideration, and the system EasyTrial (https://www.easytrial.net ) has been selected. EasyTrial is an online Clinical Trial Management and Electronic Data Capture System for administration of clinical trial tasks (operational and logistical). It includes a calendar and appointment system to manage correspondence with participants and allocate human resources and equipment. The system is based in Denmark, and has been used in Sweden, Germany, Portugal, England and USA. It has also been used by the Norwegian Cancer Registry. EasyTrial is compliant with good clinical practice (GCP), 21 CFR Part 11, EU GDPR and database security legislation. For those who might be interested a representative for EasyTrial will present this system at the FHU localities in Haukelandsbakken 45 June 8th. You may contact study nurse Linda Tveit to participate.

You are welcome to contact me in the case that you want to discuss performing studies at FHU /RUHS.