K2-News Week 12

The University of Bergen should deliver on four social issues, namely: research, education, dissemination and innovation. Previously, K2´s leadership had a strong focus on the fact that the Institute’s research would benefit society and K2 is therefore an institute that has thus far maintained its reputation in the field of innovation. The institute contributes many innovative projects where cooperation with both the hospital and the business community is central, among other things within drug development, medical technology and nutrition. Many will probably think that running innovation takes time from research and teaching and should just be a secondary consideration at UiB. However, the development of research ideas with commercial potential can be an excellent way to expand both networking and funding potential for project financing. The development of products and processes can also contribute to new research ideas. In K2, news no. 4, Amra focused on the importance of planning the application processes towards external funding sources. This is also true for innovation and commercialization projects.

The University of Bergen has set up Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (BTO) to help handle the further development of research ideas with social or commercial potential. Very often, in the development of these ideas and projects, its critical to apply for funds, just as in research. BTO has gradually gained experience with applications towards the various different funding programs availible. First and foremost, it is very important to get started as soon as possible with the application. The fact that these projects often also have more external partners only reinforce the importance of starting early. Furthermore, it is extremely important not just to describe the research or technical aspects, but also the usefulness and the commercial aspect. Business developers at the TTOs know how to best describe this. In addition, they often seek advice and assistance from external advisors to review the applications and provide feedback. BTO also cooperates closely with our administration at K2 and with the research advisors in the application processes. Here are some of the most important programs where UiB collaborates with BTO to get project funding, but there are of course many others, depending on the subject area and themes. Start by checking out these and see if there are some opportunities for financing some of your great ideas:

BIOTEK 2021 Optimizers: Project ideas with a commercial potential in biology and biomedicine can receive funding at a relatively early phase for further development. It is UiB which is the applicant institution, but it is mandatory to have a TTO onboard (in UiBs case, BTO), to ensure that the project evolves in a commercial direction.

STUDENT: Students with a good idea can earn up to NOK 1 million to further develop their idea commercially. It is UiB, which is the sender of an application to the Research Council of Norway. The scheme is aimed at those who are (or almost) at the master’s level. BTO assists both in the application process and after the project has been granted.

FORNY 2020 is the Research Council’s own verification program. The projects must be at a more mature stage of development than is the case with Biotek2021 Optimalization, but still the early “high risk” phase.

So if you have a good idea, please contact BTO right away!

Emmet Mc Cormack
Randi Taxt, Vice-director BTO

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