Belated OSCE

Jone Trovik, portrett til disputasThanks to the OSCE-lad Ketil Grong for steady organization, motivation, arrangement and evaluation. And thanks to those who made assignments and contributed as examinators as well as timer/organizator.

For those who haven’t understood what this is; Objective Structured Clinical Exam, to replace traditonal oral examinations. Stations are made with a task that should be clinically directed, this year they had 14 different tasks that ran parallell in two ”rounds”
So every task duplicated; held in two different rooms with an examinator each. The students were doing 14 different assignments this time; tuning fork test, makroanatomi, identify heart structures, hypertension/ Control blood pressure, heartauscultation, throatpalpation, abdomen and rectal Exploration, joint status survey, Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation, talking and interpreting about normal EKG, case history (communication), microscopy/ evaluation of culturedishes, hip examination and finally geriatri (the latter post I don’t quite know what was about)

The OSCE-lad with a tenical assisstent rigged the day before (at the Medical Skills Center and the course rooms in the BBB building a few examiners stuck their head in. 32 students attended the exam, two ”resting stations” between the 14 active examinatior = 2,5 hours of active examinations, after 4 hours of clean-up.

Conclusion: the students were satisfied. The OSCE general tired (but satisfied?), but needs more PRACTICAL / ADMINISTRATIVE help next time

Challenges: Electronic solution for how to record earnings per station must immediately be procuted. When this is rolled out on a large scale; 160 students each spring 6th semester need more parallel circles and both area and equipment must be dobbled.

Next OSCE autum 2017 is November 8th. That assumes that ALL Groups from K2 with tuition allowance in 1st -6th semester (that means the Three first years of study) MUST prepare at least one station assignment each and have avaliable Three People who can be examinatior per ask one delivers. That means NO ordinary teaching this day. And it is assumed that you have peronnel availability (not a good day to plan/ go to a congress/Meetings)

Spring 2018 we’re have the first OSCE for the Whole class, that means 5 parallel sections. We will need 65 examinators and then it will definitely be FACULTY LOCKDOWN. The date will be announced early in the fall, so that Teachers can be allocated here.

But before that time: Happy Pentecost!


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