Road World Championship and UiB

UiB has an outstanding chance of being exposed to the TV broadcasts from the Road World Championships in Bergen. There has been established a good collaboration with the project manager on TV 2, Trond Ahlsen. Specifically, UiB, in collaboration with TV, wants to expose all the seven faculties to television and video / text in current programs and formats. The heading for the exposure is “public health”, but here is also the opening of different social perspectives in the cycling context: Environment – Transport – Exercise – Culture – History from the City and Western Norway – Geology – Nutrition – More general information about the buildings of UiB and our profile. The broadcast surfaces are ”Good Morning Norway”, the actual race broadcasts and evening shows, so there are many hours of TV to be filled with content.

Feel free to come with ideas for People, Research, education and others things that can be worked into Television broadcasts. Send it to Irene by Friday June 9th 2017

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