Seminar: Open access to research – from international solidarity to Norwegian count edge system?

In connection with the international Open Access Week invites university library to a seminar on open access to research.

Knowledge: a public global good – a journey through Open Access over 30 years
Rune Nilsen, Professor Emeritus of Global Health, University of Bergen.

Rune Nilsen was named one of Europe’s Open Access Champions in 2016. He believes that Open Access is an important means in the fight against academic apartheid.

National guidelines: Open access to research – a requirement for funding?
Oddrun Samdal, member of the Working Group, Vice-Rector for Education, University of Bergen.

The government requires that Norwegian research should be openly available. The working group proposes including incentives and requirements related to funding to achieve this.

How can I do my research openly available?
Irene Eikefjord, Librarian, University of Bergen Library.

UiB has changed the criteria for support for open publication from 1 October 2016. How to get support for open publishing? What options exist to make the University’s research openly available?

TIME: TUESDAY 25. October 12: 30-14: 30

The event is free and open to all. Welcome!

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