Overview of contact persons for each floor, K2.

In the first quarter of 2016 K2 has established contact persons at each work site / floor at the department.The K2 contact persons will answer questions concerning the operation and use of our facilities, but decisions will still be made by the Head of Department. Below you will find a list of who’s contact person for each floor and enclosed you will find a mandate for the contact persons (in Norwegian).

The following employees are contact persons:
Work site                                                             Name
9. floor Laboratory Building                             Torunn Eide
8. and 7. floors Laboratory Building                Kari Mortensen
6. floor Laboratory Building                              Jorunn Skeie Bringsli
6. floor Oncology Lab Laboratory Building    Beryl Leirvaag
5. floor Laboratory Building                              Kjerstin Jakobsen
3. floor Laboratory Building                              Kristin Paulsen Rye
Floor 1M Laboratory Building                           Beryl Leirvaag
The Childrens Clinic                                            Anne Hammer Knudsen
The Womens Clinic                                             Britt Edvardsen

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