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Department of Clinical Science Webpages 2.0

TheHelge Department of Clinical Science now aims to improve the webpages. We focus on how the research groups are going to be presented. A main goal is that the website should be updated and as far as possible also standardized to ensure availability of a minimum of relevant information for all research groups. Elements of this standardization include key information about group members (name, image, title and short research profile), research objectives and methods applied in the research group, the collaborators of the research group, and advanced special equipment possessed by the research group.

To reach this goal we have appointed web editors recruited from the graduate students. The editors will provide editorial support to all research groups and follow up with the update and standardization of the webpages in collaboration with the Department, but the research groups will continue to have the responsibility for the actual content of the webpages.

In the future we aim to make the information about the research groups searchable so that the web pages become a catalyst for research at the Department of Clinical Science.

Helge Ræder

New Names

We present Andreas Venizelos, PhD student at Mohn Cancer Research Laboratory, Department of Clinical Science.
Andreas started with his PhD work in March 2016 under the supervision of Stian Knappskog. If you want to say hello, you can find him in the 1M floor in the lab building.


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