Pubilc PhD Defense, Week 2

rettedal_sirenSiren Irene Rettedal will defend her PhD thesis on Friday January 15, 2016
Trial lecture: Friday January 15, 2016, 09:15
Topic: “Ethical considerations of offering intensive care to pre-term infants at the margins of viability”
Place: Auditoriet, 1. etasje, Vestbygget, Stavanger Universitetssykehus
Public defense: Friday January 15 2016, 10:30
Place: Auditoriet, 1. etasje, Vestbygget, Stavanger Universitetssykehus
Title of dissertation:“Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing. Enterobacteriaceae in neonates; hospital outbreak, colonization, transmission and persistence”
1st opponent Senior Clinical Lecturer, Colm O’Donnell, University College, Dublin, Irland
2nd opponent: Professor Claus Klingenberg, Universitetet i Tromsø

Press release (in Norwegian)

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