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New strategy for K2

Per Bakke

I hope you have had a pleasant rest during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The previous editorial mentioned that it is time for a new strategy plan for K2. The last two days the chairs of the research groups, the institute council, as well as representatives for various groups at the institute have been assembled to discuss a new strategy for K2. The new plan has to take into account the overall strategy documents of the university and the faculty, and also that of the university hospital.

The goals of the new strategy plan should be specific, measureable, ambitious, realistic and achievable within a given time. We will try to make a one page plan so that it is easy to understand and will be taken into account. When the draft of the plan is ready it will be presented in K2Nytt for comments from you. The final version will be approved by the Institute council.


New Names


We present Dag Harald Skutlaberg, PhD Student at Department of Clinical Science.
Dag Harald started working on his PhD project in January 2016 under supervision of Steinar Skrede (main supervisor), Harald Wiker (co-supervisor) and Haima Mylvaganam (external supervisor MIA/HUS). If anyone wants to say hello, you will find him on the 5th floor in the lab building.

Singel cell seminarium Jan 12, room 9.1-2 Laboratory building 9th floor

Single cell sequencing is a technique for determination of clonal heterogeneity, not only in cancer but also related to aging of tissue. This semimarium will present one technical solution for determination of genetic alteration in single or few cells.

Welcome to Seminarum!


Bjørn Tore Gjertsen
M: +47 41566248
F: +47 55972950

Inspera webinars spring 2016

New year, more webinars.
This autumn we arranged day and afternoon webinars for sensors every Tuesday. The good response is very inspiring and we can safely conclude that this is a good model for knowledge sharing and dialogue with those who do not have a direct relation to Inspera.

We are now extending the offer with three new themes.
Still free and open to all.
Every Tuesday 13.00: Task Development / Censorship – Biweekly
Every Thursday 13.00: Examination Planning / Implementation – Biweekly

Click here for updated program and registration (in Norwegian). (Feel free to share it !)

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