Not registered your holidays for 2015 yet?

All requests for holiday must be registered by 31 October. All requests for transferring of holiday must also be registered by 31 October.
If you have not registered and / or applied for transference of your holiday by 31 October we will consider your holiday as spent and register this in PAGA.

Transfer of vacation
As a rule all holiday should be taken before the end of the year. As an exception you can apply to have as many as 14 holidays transferred to the next year via paga. In the application you must explain when you plan to take the extra holiday in 2016 and / or why you have not been able to take all holiday in 2015 (only sick leave and leave of absence will be considered as valid reasons). This means that anyone who has more than 14 remaining holidays must make sure to use these up before the end of the year.

Register your holiday in paga:
User manual can be found here:
If you don’t have a paga account you can apply for one here:
If you have trouble with your paga password you can change it here:

Questions regarding the holiday registration can be directed to the Head of administration or the HR consultant at Department of Clinical Science.

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