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The extended management team at K2

Per Bakke As mentioned in a previous editorial in K2Nytt, the new organizational chart on K2 has been approved by the Institute Council. A new extended management team is part of the reorganization. The extended management team consists of 7 research group leaders and a representative from Stavanger, in addition to the department management. The 7 research group leaders have now been chosen: Emmet
Mc Cormack, Hematology; Eva Gerdts, Cardio; Henning Lygre, Pharmacology / Pharmacy; Per Eystein Lønning, Oncology; Pål Njølstad, Pediatrics; Vidar Steen, Genetics and Harald Wiker, Infection / Microbiology. In the choice of research group leaders to the extended management team, we have tried to let as many subjects as possible be represented. In addition, we have avoided subjects which are already represented in the management group (lung, endo, immunology, gyn / obs). I want to emphasize that there is no disallowance of those not selected. Each of the seven research group leaders will be in the extended management team for 2 years. The team meets once a month. In the extended management team the institute management wants to discuss ongoing matters. Examples are strategy, budget and finances, equipment priorities, educational issues, positions, lab areas and organization of application processes. The 7 research group leaders do not represent anyone but themselves. All the department’s 21 research group leaders will, like earlier, have a direct line to the department management and they will receive the minutes of meetings. The first meeting of the management team was held on Tuesday this week


Registration of vacation

To those of you who have not yet registered all of your holiday for 2015 in Pagaweb: Please make sure that you register your remaining holiday this year. Deadline: October 31st, 2015.
If you have not registered and / or applied for transference of your holiday by the 31th of October we will consider your holiday as spent and register this in PAGA.

Transfer of vacation:
As a rule all vacation should be completed before the end of the year. You can still apply to have as many as 14 vacation days transferred to the next year via PAGA.  In the application you must explain your plan for these days in 2016 / or why
you have not been able to take all the vacation in 2015 (only sic leave and leave of absence will be consideed as valid reasons). Continue reading

Invitation to announcement of research grants from the Norwegian Cancer Society- Tuesday October 27, 12 pm

kreftforeningen Thanks to the populations generosity we can once again allocate funds to the country’s leading research institutions. You are hereby invited to the announcement of grants from the Cancer Society’s open call for proposals: Tuesday October 27 at. 12-1 pm at the University of Bergen, auditorium 4 in BB building, Jonas Lies vei 91.
Because of catering we ask you to register within October 21st. Invitation is attached. We look forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely
the Norwegian Cancer Society
Kari Felicia Nestande
Special Adviser