External work

Per BakkeThe university management has recently conducted an internal audit concerning side tasks and roles in business. Three departments at UiB have been reviewed, including K2. In our department 70 employees were selected. Their registered external work was compared with information in Proff Forvalt, that is engaged in credit and financial information for the business community. Of the 70 persons 20 were registered in Proff Forvalt with roles that were not registered as external work at UiB. Examples that were not registered was the proprietor of sole proprietorships (n = 8), roles in business life like director of a condominium, housing cooperative or sports club (n = 8), duty in a corporation (n = 5).

The university management and faculty administration take lack of registration of external work seriously. It is the employee’s responsibility to register their external activities. K2 is one of the largest departments at UiB and are highlighted in many contexts. We want it to be in a positive slant, and must keep order in our own accounting, including the external work.

Wednesday an e-mail was sent out to everyone telling you to check your external activities and register whatever might be missing. In the e-mail it is indicated what should be registered. If you have questions or have problems registering, please contact as indicated in the e-mail.

I expect everyone to do this now!


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