Physical activity for all employees

UiB wishes to encourage and facilitate physical activity for all employees, and from now on it is possible for employees to exercise up to 1 hour per week during working hours, after specified terms.

Training during working hours is a voluntary scheme. Staff at K2 wishing to use this opportunity have to clarify participation with their immediate supervisor and the line manager. Practical implementation must be agreed with the supervisor. Enquiries to the line manager should be sent by email to the staff responsible, Irene Hjelmaas and shall contain an acknowledgment that participation is agreed with immediate supervisor.

Time spent on training during working hours shall be included in the regular working hours, and it will be commented in flexitime scheme on the day you use the scheme. Note that transportation from / to work are not counted as training during working hours.

Training during working hours will generally be carried out as a joint organized activity. SiB has set up 3 free fitness classes for employees. K2 will also start a vertical alternative to “K2 to K2”. From Tuesday 08 September, there will be joint hikes in Isdalen. To participate, meet Tuesdays at 15:00 in the parking lot on the eighth floor. We encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to join a walk in the nature to get som exercise.

See more information about the system in general terms and specifically in the HSE portal:

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