Replacement of windows in the Lab-building

Advarsel skiltMonday, 15 June Bolseth glass starts working on the replacement of windows in the 9th, 8th and 7th floors: the part of the facade that is on Vivári side of the building !!!!!!
 They will start working from the rig site, (“upstairs- behind Vivári”) beginning with the dismantling of all SHED- curtains (the outer gray ones) on the Vivári side side of the building. 
This means there colud be some problems if the sun choose to show itself in the coming 14-day period. Then there will be no other sun shielding in the three floors than any “loose internal” blinds.
The actual glass replacement begins around 18.06. in and will take well one week.
Thereafter SHED-curtains will be remounted, and then they will proceed to the next half of the building on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floor and follow the same procedure.
When the windows are replaced, the entire window is lifted out, and offices will be fully open for a while.
This means that everyone must clear away things that are in window sills. Loose papers in bins and on office desks also need to be cleared away so that they do not blow away when the windows are removed.
Contacts at UiB is Irene Hjelmaas or Siv Eggereide.



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