Daily Archives: Friday June 12th, 2015

Teaching day

Per Bakke

This year “the teaching day” (undervisningsdagen) will be held in cooperation with K1. It will be arranged over two half days instead of one. The first session is planned before lunch October 1st and the second October 14th (same time). The reason for the two-day-seminar is that we have to coordinate it both in K1 and K2’s schedule. On October 14th participators from the other medical schools in Norway will hold lectures about E-learning experiences. Digital exam is about to be introduced and it will be interesting to learn about how other institutions have tackled this. Another Teaching day focus is the new Medical school curriculum and how it will affect all the lecturers at the institute. One of several key topics in the new plan is students’ skill requirements and how to enforce them. This means several important areas need to be discussed and agreed upon. A big Thanks to the K2 teaching day committee Harald Wiker and Torbjørn Jonung. They have planned an interesting and relevant program.


Participation is mandatory for teachers and lecturers. Please put the two dates in your calendar right away!