Symposium on Gender Differences in Cognitive Abilities: 10th June, Egget

Women and men show similar behavior, attitudes and cognitive skills. Yet,
in a few areas marked gender differences exist, for example, with respect
to what jobs men and women choose. Gender differences have enormous
political and societal relevance and their origins are often subject to
heated nature versus nurture debates.

The Department of Biological and Medical Psychology is arranging a
symposium that specifically addresses gender differences in cognitive
abilities. Four international, leading experts will discuss the following
questions: (a) which cognitive abilities yield gender differences (and
which do not)? (b) How do nature and nurture interact to give rise to those
gender differences? (c) What are the societal consequences?

*TIME: 10th June 2015, 9:00-16:00*

*PLACE: Studentsenteret, Auditorium (Egget)*

For program and more information, look here.

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