Instrumentation at Department of Clinical Science

Roland JonssonDepartment of Clinical Science has a great repertoire of more or less advanced scientific instruments. Officially all equipment placed in the space of the institute belongs to the university. Everybody is certainly welcome to use them but we should exploit this with care. In addition, certain rules have to be followed – below these are listed:

Golden rules for users of instruments at Department of Clinical Science

• Always ask for permission to use an instrument before you start using it.

• Contact details for the person responsible for the instrument are noted on the instrument or at the entrance of the room where it is placed.

• Always obtain proper training before using the equipment.

• Always report to the person responsible for the instrument if experiencing problems.

• Always register in the user book belonging to the instrument.

The complete list of instrumentation belonging to our institute can be seen here:

It is important for us to keep the lists for new instrumentation updated. When you have received a new instrument – please report this to

Also wishes for new instruments/equipment can be sent/delivered to

Please note that equipment belonging to our three core facilities is under the auspices of the core facility staff and with their own administration.

Good luck with all technicalities


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