New Publications

Week 40/2014.

CYP21A2 polymorphisms in patients with autoimmune Addison’s disease, and linkage disequilibrium to HLA risk alleles.
Brønstad I, Skinningsrud B, Bratland E, Løvås K, Undlien D, Husebye ES, Wolff AS.
Eur J Endocrinol. 2014 Sep 23. PMID: 25249698

Hypothalamic effects of thyroid hormones on metabolism.
Martínez-Sánchez N, Alvarez CV, Fernø J, Nogueiras R, Diéguez C, López M.
Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2014 Oct;28(5):703-712. Epub 2014 Apr 25. Review. PMID: 25256765

Proteogenomics in microbiology: Taking the right turn at the junction of genomics and proteomics.
Kucharova V, Wiker HG.
Proteomics. 2014 Sep 27. PMID: 25263021

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