A final thank you from the outgoing editor

This week’s K2Nytt is my last as editor. Starting next week, Ida Wergeland will take control over the editorial staff. In that respect I want to say a few words.

I started as co-editor in IFI-info in the autumn of 2012, with responsibility for the publications, and took over as editor in the autumn of 2013. In the two years I have been a part of the editorial staff there have been three major changes with our newsletter. The two first was mainly carried out by K2Nytt’s previous editor, André Sulen.

First, we created an English version of the newsletter, which essentially doubled the work load of the editorial staff, but was a great improvement because it became easier for our international colleagues and students to keep track of what is going on at the institute.
Then the faculty was completely reorganised at New Year’s 2012/2013. This turned IFI-info into K2Nytt. The gathering of research groups that used to be on different departments gave us more viewpoints on how the newsletter should be. We have tried to make K2Nytt into a newsletter for everyone, regardless of the department they belonged to before the reorganisation, and I hope we have succeeded at that.

In the autumn of 2013 we implemented the third major change. The server in which K2Nytt (and IFI-info) used to be stored was closed, and we had to find a new way to make the newsletter. We decided to use a blog format with WordPress. The transition itself took considerable work, but for the editorial staff it was a great improvement compared to the old PDF-format, since the editing of K2Nytt became much easier and more efficient. At the same time, the blog format is less flexible, and we did not manage to make it look just the way we wanted. Hopefully, this is something that can be improved in the future.

Finally, I want to mention the editorial staff. The total workload of making K2Nytt is about 1,5-3 days per week. This work is divided between a team of competent people. The editor, as well as Kristian Jensen, write and translate the texts, Lars Emil Mossefinn and Klaus Rehberg publish the texts and find suitable illustrations, Olivera Bozickovic takes care of the publications and finds a new PhD-comics (K2Nytt’s weekly highlight) and Irene Lavik Hjelmaas keeps control of the pages in the overhead menu and helps out when needed. In addition, Corina Guder collects application deadlines and meetings/courses of interest for the Department’s employees and students. Our new editor, Ida, has been an extra back-up in case of disease. I would like to thank you all for the great work you have done this last year, and for making the job as editor fun and rewarding!
Additionally, I want to thank the readers for your patience, for tipping us of things to write about, and for good and constructive feedback!

At last, I want to wish Ida good luck as editor in the months ahead!

Christine Haugen
Outgoing editor of K2Nytt

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