New Publications

Week 37/2014.

Effect of intravenous TRO40303 as an adjunct to primary percutaneous coronary intervention for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction: MITOCARE study results.
Atar D, Arheden H, Berdeaux A, Bonnet JL, Carlsson M, Clemmensen P, Cuvier V, Danchin N, Dubois-Randé JL, Engblom H, Erlinge D, Firat H, Halvorsen S, Hansen HS, Hauke W, Heiberg E, Koul S, Larsen AI, Le Corvoisier P, Nordrehaug JE, Paganelli F, Pruss RM, Rousseau H, Schaller S, Sonou G, Tuseth V, Veys J, Vicaut E, Jensen SE.
Eur Heart J. 2014 Sep 1. PMID: 25179768

Educational inequalities in acute myocardial infarction incidence in norway: a nationwide cohort study.
Igland J, Vollset SE, Nygård OK, Sulo G, Ebbing M, Tell GS.
PLoS One. 2014 Sep 4;9(9):e106898. PMID: 25188248

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