What is required in order to be a good lecturer?

Eva GerdtsThe autumn’s most important day is approaching: The K2 Exam and teaching seminar. At the registration deadline 69 lecturers had signed up for the annual supplementary training, which is one of K2’s most important efforts to elevate the teaching quality. What is actually required in order to be a good lecturer? Completed training in pedagogical competence? This is a demand for lecturers in principal employment, but not for the many lecturers employed temporarily or in co-positions. Is it important to implement e-learning tools? Or is it better to bring chalk along, so that one may use the blackboard in the auditorium? Is it perhaps most important that one learns how to upload pdf-versions of the lecture notes at My Page? Or is obtaining higher salary subsequent to the local salary negotiations what provides inspiration to do a good job as lecturer? Well, this, and many other issues, you may ponder and discuss with colleagues interested in teaching at Hotel Terminus on Wednesday 17.09.14. We begin with lunch at 12.


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