How to get started on E-learning

Eva GerdtsThere is a need for the implementation of new, student activating teaching methods.  This will be the main topic of this year’s Exam and teaching seminar which will be arranged on Wednesday 17.09.14 at Hotel Terminus.  Remember to set aside the date now!

The medical faculties in Norway are cooperation on a national platform for e-learning resources. Harald Wiker is our contact person for the development of e-learning resources both in DIGUiB and towards the national e-learning platform.  As a starting point all lecturers are encouraged to contact the IT department at brita and apply for access to the program Camtasia Relay.  With this program you may create video-recordings for e-learning at your own PC.  Dean of Education, Arne Tjølsen, has created a user manual (in Norwegian).

Good luck!


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