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This weeks leader

Roland Jonsson      Scientific publishing and Cristin

About ten years have passed since our government initiated result based distribution of a large part of the basic funding of universities and colleges.  Scientific publishing is a fundamental part of this.

Each article and every book chapter means not just status but also kroner and øre.  Thus, everyone is encouraged to verify that all works from 2013 have been added to Cristin.  This can be done here. You log in by choosing institution “University of Bergen”, and then use your regular user name and password.

There is not so much registration work left for each individual researcher.  Mostly everything is registered through the purchasing of references in Thomson ISI-database of scientific publishing.  If there are any problems with the registration, you may contact Kristian Jensen (kristian.jensen@k2.uib.no).  This assistance is offered if there are problems with the registration of scientific work which gives rbo-credits.  Thus, this does not include posters and abstracts.

The Norwegian Cristin-database has gathered most of research-Norway under one roof.  This makes the registration of co-publishing with researchers attached to other Norwegian institutions easier.  However, there might be published work that has not been included.  Special attention should be focused towards books and anthology contributions which are not covered well in the ISI-database.

According to the university library, quite a lot of scientific work remains in order to match the 2012-numbers.  Most of the scientific contributions are journal articles.  It is also claimed that so far the number of level 2 articles is a little low.

NB!  Our final deadline is February 15 for registering.  Also, do not forget to verify the registrations of your works thoroughly so that all details are correct – not least that your affiliation with Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen, is included.


Information meeting for PhD candidates and postdocs

A brief information meeting will be arranged for interested PhD candidates and postdocs on February 4th, 1 pm – 2:30 pm. The meeting will be held in seminar room on the 7th floor of the Laboratory Building. At the meeting, the administration will present routines for personnel/HR, financial administration, and PhD. There will also be time allocated for questions. The meeting is open for anyone interested, but is particularly recommended for new employees.