Bicentenary Celebration of the Norwegian Constitution 2014 at University of Bergen

The 17th of May 2014 it is 200 years since the Constitution was accepted by the representatives at Eidsvoll.

Because of Wilhelm F. K. Christie’s important part in the story of 1814 will the anniversary have a major impact on the University of Bergen in 2014.

A committee have been created which will decide the program for the University’s celebration of the anniversary.

Preliminary program

February 5: Seminar: Constitutions and protection of minorities

February 19-20: Symposium about the Constitution at the Faculty of Law

April 10: Seminar: The Norwegian Constitution in an historical and political view

May 12-17: Anniversary week at the University of Bergen

  • The exhibition VI 1814-2014 at the University Museum in Bergen
  • Exhibitions at the University Library
  • Seminar: Democracy? A critical view of the 1814-democracy
  • Anniversary Show with enactment of important speeches from 1814
  • Celebration Feast – Constitution 200 years
  • Publication of a biography about Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie
  • 17th of May celebration with anniversary program

There will also be more events and publications throught the entire anniversary year.

More information will be posted on the anniversary pages:

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