Developing Competitive ERC Starting and Consolidator Grant Proposals

The competition can be daunting, but to date, 50 ERC grants have been won by researchers at UiB. Find out how to prepare a competitive application with this digital workshop for Starting and Consolidator applicants.

04.06.2024 – 09.00–15.00

This course explains how to convey your research concept in a way that convinces both the ERC panel and your expert evaluators, and maximises your chances of success.

Session 1:  9:00-11:30pm

  • ERC instrument basics
  • Pitching for your ERC panel
  • Selecting your evaluators
  • Presenting your research clearly and convincingly

Session 2: 12:30 – 15:00

  • Designing and implementing your research
  • Writing a competitive B1: extended summary
  • How to write a competitive B2: full proposal

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