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Educational training for group leaders autumn 2014

Every semester the University of Bergen organizes a educational course for group leaders (seminar leaders) who will work with teaching during the semester. The course is organized by the Program for university education at the Faculty of Psychology. Location and time: VilVite, Bergen, week 33/35. Registration by e-mail to Kåre Helleve.
For more information (in Norwegian)

This week’s editorial

Eva GerdtsI recently observed how the final OSCE exam for medical students at the University of Oslo (UiO). An impressive organization in which the students were tested in communication skills, physical examination skills, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, palpation of mamma, and interpretation of preparations, ECG and medical radiological images. An impressive testing battery, which appears to be superior to the final examinations that we do at our institute. To this year’s K2 Exam and Teaching seminar which takes place at Hotel Terminus on Wednesday September 17, we have invited professor Kristian Bjøro who is in charge of logistics and practical organization of the final OSCE exam for medical students at UiO. He will talk about his experience and organize a practical workshop on how to plan an OSCE station. The Board at Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry will in autumn 2014 decide upon the types of exams to be used in the new study program for medicine. It is very likely that OSCE will be introduced also at our faculty for medicine. You should therefor reserve the date, so that you do not miss this opportunity to learn about OSCE.   



The institute encourages scientific employees who wish to use PhD-candidates in mandatory duty work autumn 2014, but who still have not obtained PhD-candidates for these tasks, to report this by August 10, 2014.  A description of the work may be sent to Kristian Jensen. The description should include information on the work tasks, the amount of time required, and desired qualifications the PhD-candidate(s) preferably should have. The duty work can include teaching activities, master supervision, dissemination tasks, planning and execution of conferences/seminars, etc. The institute will do its best to accommodate the wishes.

Fedmedagen 2014

The Obesity Day (Fedmedagen) is an interdisciplinary seminar for all who do research on obesity and metabolic diseases. This year it will be held on October 2. Program and information will be given on a later date.

Do you wish to hold a presentation? Deadline for sending in abstracts is June 15.
Registration before July 1.
Registration and abstract should be sent to Christine Haugen.
The seminar is free of charge, and lunch will be served to those who have registered.