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Verify publications in CRIStin

This is a reminder to all scientific employees that they verify that publications from 2014 are registered in CRIStin.  The institute’s deadline for registering publications is 27.02.2015.  The scientific employee is responsible for adding publications that are missing, but the administration may assist if you encounter any problems (send an e-mail to Kristian Jensen) Click here for information on how to add publications (in Norwegian)


The strategy seminar

Eystein HusebyeNext week K2’s research group leaders and the heads of the teaching sections will meet for a strategy seminar.  A main topic will be the organization of the institute.  Quite a lot works well at the 2-year old K2, and I want to highlight the administrative services as a good example.  Less successful is the dividing of the organizational structure into teaching sections and research groups.  We wish to discuss the organizational structure as a whole with the aim of achieving a more operational and efficient institute structure which involves the research group leaders to a larger extent than before.

 Another main issue is collaboration with other institutions.  I wish for a tighter and more dynamic collaboration with the hospital sections attached to K2.  This collaboration is currently probably working best at the smaller and professionalized departments such as the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, The Children’s Clinic, Medical Genetics and Rheumatology.  However, a large potential for improvement exists regarding the collaboration with very large departments such as, for instance, the Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Heart Disease.  If all leaders at the hospital and the institutes were represented in each other’s leader groups, then this could perhaps promote this collaboration.  Here we can learn from the exciting solutions they have in Trondheim, where hospital and university leadership collaborate very closely.

 Nothing has been decided in advance.  Thus, I hope for a creative and constructive seminar.

 Eystein Husebye
Head of Department

Public defence Week8

Nginamau, ElisabethElisabeth Sivy Nginamau will have his public defence on Friday February 20, 2015
Trial lecture: Thursday January 20, 2015, 14.15
Topic: ”The pathogenic role of autoantigens and their posttranslational modifications in the Development of autoimmune disease”
Place: Audtorium B-301, Haukeland Universitetssykehus
Public defence: Friday February 20, 2015, 10.15
Place: Audtorium B-301, Haukeland Universitetssykehus
Title of dissertation: ”Expression and possible mechanisms of autoantigenic selection of Ro52, Ro60 and La48 in Sjøgren’s syndrome”
1st  Opponent: Ph.d. Peter Szodoray, Rikshospitalet, Oslo
2nd. Opponent : Assitant Professor Tomasz Kantyka, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Polen


Public defence week 8

Photo_TheofylaktopoulouDespoina Theofylaktopoulou will have her public defence on Friday February 20, 2015
Trial lecture: Friday February 20, 2015, 09.15
Topic: ”Stress and tryptophan metabolism”
Place: Auditorium 2, Bygg for biologiske basalfag
Public defence: Friday Fabruary 20, 2015, 12.30
Place: Auditorium 2, Bygg for biologiske basalfag
Title of dissertation: ”Determinants of circulating kynurenines and related markers of inflammation. A cross-sectional study using data from the Hordaland Health study”
1st opponent Professor Dietmar Fuchs, Universitetet i Innsbruck, Østerrike
2nd opponent Ph.d. Aye-Mu Myint, Ludwig-Maximillians Universitet, Munchen, Tyskland