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Dear everyone!

This week was the deadline for submitting research groups to the Norwegian Research Council’s evaluation of medicine and health sciences. With good help from Susanna, 10 research groups/centers from K2 were registered: Endocrine Medicine (leader: Eystein Husebye), Research Group for Infection and Microbiology (leader: Rebecca Cox), Oncology (leader: Stian Knappskog), Pharmaceutical Group (leader: Lars Herfindal), Mohn Center for diabetes precision medicine (head: Pål Njølstad), Broegelmann Research Laboratory (head: Helena Erlandsson Harris), Paediatric Follow-up Group (leader: Camilla Tøndel), Bergen Respiratory Research  Group (head: Tomas Eagan), Centre for Pharmacy (head: Reidun Kjome) and Precision Oncology (head: Karl-Henning Kalland). By June 2023, we will receive feedback from the RCN, and in September 2023, a self-evaluation form and impact cases form will be sent out with a deadline of January 2024. Thank you so much to those who take on this job!

Have a really good and sunny weekend!

Nordic Cancer Union Research Grant

The Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) provides funding to support and stimulate collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries. The applying researcher’s and collaborators involved in the project must be working in at least three, and preferably several different Nordic countries. The research project must be cancer relevant and uniquely suited to be carried out within the Nordic countries, and the effect of collaboration should be synergistic.

NCU research grants are provided for one year.
Call for NCU research grant application deadline: 1 September 2023, 4 pm (EETs).

Guidelines: NCU-Call-Guidelines-2023


EATRIS-Plus Staff Exchange Programme – Apply now!

ImageThe EATRIS-Plus Staff Exchange programme is designed to stimulate interactions between EATRIS nodes and institutions. The aim of the exchange is to foster a culture of research and innovation, supporting individual learning, best practice and knowledge exchange in the areas of infrastructure operations, technical development (laboratory work) and stakeholder management. Travel grants up to €1,500 are available, and employees from all EATRIS institutes are eligible.
Find out more and apply by 30 June here.

The Bergen International Conference on Hansens Disease

2023 marks the 150 years anniversary of the discovery of leprosy bacillus. To commemorate this, the University of Bergen, in collaboration with Sasakawa Health Foundation, is proud to host an official anniversary conference in Bergen Norway, 20-22. June 2023. The conference is free and open for all. Read the whole program here and register before June 14.