The ERA4Health Capacity Building Activities Survey is out we need you insight!

Dear stakeholder in the ERA4Health partnership,

You receive this e-mail because you are in an ERA4Healt partners relevant scientific network and considered as among our stakeholders. Feel free to pass on this survey in your organization or relevant scientific network.

The ERA4Health Partnership increase European transnational collaborative research funding by creating a funding body for joint programming in priority areas addressing European public health needs. We need your view as a stakeholder on what capacity building activities you need. If ERA4Health is relevant to you as researcher and/or innovator, take 5-7 minutes to answer our survey!

Three important priorities in ERA4Health are

  1. Building capacities within the research community and clinical hospitals in conducting ambitious multidisciplinary research projects and Investigator Initiated Clinical Studies (IICS) at European scale
  2. Developing innovative ways of connecting science to society
  3. Integration of Responsible research and innovation (RRI)

Capacity building and career development of scientists and patients is an important requirement in emerging multidisciplinary research areas and in particular for patient-oriented research. To achieve these objectives, it is also necessary to develop and establish suitable tools and training modules for the different stakeholder groups involved.

In this survey, we would like to ask you as potential applicants to ERA4Health, as researcher and/or innovator, what kind of capacity building activities you miss, need or find attractive.
We also include some specific questions for our stakeholders regarding RRI to develop and integrate it in the most relevant way.

Are you interested in participating in an RRI Guidelines development workshop in ERA4Healt? Then send an e-mail to:

Here is the link to the survey to answer: EUSurvey – Survey (

If you have questions about the survey contact Adelina Ovcharenko

This survey is also available at our website and distributed via social media for anyone who consider the selves stakeholder and want to answer.

Deadline for answers – 11th September.

Best regards,

ERA4Health Pillar 3 Transversal activities leader Cecile A. Mathiesen
ERA4Health Coordinator Cristina Nieto

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