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Belmont Forum call for international cooperation on climate, environment and health

The Research Council of Norway contributes with NOK 15 million to Norwegian project participants and their partners in low and lower middle income countries (LLMICs).

The purpose of the call is to improve understanding among the climate, environment, and health pathways to protect and promote ecological, planetary, and human health in the face of climate challenges.—belmont-forum-utlysning/


Helse Vest’s Education Award for geriatric teaching

Helse Vest’s Education Award for 2022 this time went to the teaching group in geriatrics at the Department. A reception and award took place during the Education Cooperation Agency’s meeting at Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport the day before yesterday.

Geriatrics is a small but important specialist area and certainly in the present conferring the reports in the media last week!

The construction of the environment has a long history. Gudbrand Fossan and Olav Sletvold were pioneers in Bergen in the late 1980s, followed by a period of little activity. A collaboration between the Kavli Trust, Helse Vest and UiB meant that from 2008 Anette Hylen Ranhoff could be employed in a shared position between Diakonhjemmet Hospital in Oslo and K2, UiB. She has systematically built up an enthusiastic group here in Bergen with a focus on clinical and interdisciplinary teaching, and with the use of innovative methods and great commitment. The teaching has very good feedback from the students.

In addition, Ranhoff has built up a research group with several doctorates in recent years.

K2 congratulates so much and is very proud of the group!

Pål R. Njølstad

From left: head of institute Pål R. Njølstad, and award winners Katinka Nordheim Alme, Elisabeth Skaar, Marit Stordal Bakken, Susanne Hernes and Anette Hylen Ranhoff. Photo: private

Annual Research Presentations 2023

The Research School in Clinical Medicine hosted the 17th Annual Research Presentations on January 25th-27th. PhD-students, medical research-track students, post docs and researchers at K1, K2 and Haukeland University Hospital displayed posters and gave oral presentations that had previously been presented at international conferences in 2022.

On the first day of the event, 34 posters were presented in the main lobby of Haukeland University Hospital.

On the second day, 12 oral presentations were given.

The presentations were evaluated by committees consisting of senior PIs and the winners of this year’s award were:

Prices for best poster
(Jury: Valeriya Lyssenko and Camilla Tøndel)
1st    Christina Engebrethsen – “Homologous recombination deficiency in breast cancer”
2nd   Kira Höffler – “Epigenome-wide association studies in Cases and Controls with high and low genetic risk for schizophrenia”
3rd    Annabel Ohldieck “High-normal blood pressure in midlife is a stronger risk factor for incident hypertension 26 years later in women than men: Hordaland Health Study”

Prices for best oral presnetation
(Jury Simon Dankel, Vibeke Andresen and Stian Knappskog)
1st     Andreas Mathisen – “Hnf1a is a key regulator of Beta-cell identity and function”
2nd    Christiane Gjerde – “Establishment of peritoneal dECM scaffolds for 3D culture of ovarian cancer organoids”
3rd     Christoffer Velde – “Congenital hyperinsulinism of infancy in Norway – A systematic evaluation of cases and identification of new causes»

Open class (post docs etc)
Marta Kaminska – “Bestatin as a promising periodontitis drug candidate”

People’s choice award
Marta Kaminska – “Bestatin as a promising periodontitis drug candidate”

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and your projects in the 18th Annual Research Presentations by the Research School in Clinical Medicine in January 2024

Foto; from left: Marta Kaminska, Kira Höffler, Christiane Gjerde, Andreas Mathisen, Christoffer Velde, Christina Engebrethsen og Annabel Ohldieck.