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Pål R. Njølstad

Export control and export license – a new dimension to advertising and filling positions

Export control and sensitive knowledge transfer means that certain goods, technology and services cannot be exported from Norway without a license issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PST and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not have detailed knowledge of what is subject to a license, it is the institutions and professional communities that must assess this.


For our part, export control is mainly about control of knowledge transfer and research collaboration, with associated mapping of equipment and technology required to be licensed as well as awareness when exchanging students/employees, guest lecturers, data security etc.

As Head of Department, I must assess whether an export license should be applied for, based on the candidate’s nationality and whether the subject area in which the person is to work is sensitive, and may therefore be problematic in relation to the export control regulations/knowledge transfer.

An export license is mainly applied for when there are candidates who come from the countries: Iran, China, Pakistan and Russia. Applications are made regardless of whether the candidates reside in countries other than their citizenship.


  1. When a position is advertised

I will assess early in the recruitment process whether the position is within a sensitive subject area. When scientific positions are to be advertised, the text of the announcement to this effect must be worded if the subject area requires it:

“UiB is subject to the regulations for export control and the regulations apply when processing applications for the position”.

An export license is applied for if I consider that the subject area is sensitive, and the candidate(s) has a nationality which means that it should be applied for. An application for an export license is sent before an offer letter is sent to the candidate.

The HR employee can send out an offer letter when we have received feedback that the candidate is not subject to a license. If necessary, reservations can be included in the offer letter and/or the employment contract pending a response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the application for a license.

  1. Visiting researchers

I will assess whether the subject area and the candidate’s nationality indicate that we should apply for an export license. Applications are sent well in advance of the planned stay.

When a position is to be advertised, the person wishing to advertise the position must send information to me about the following:

  • project description
  • description of the work tasks
  • equipment/instruments the candidate must use in the work
  • what qualifications the person appointed to the position must have in order to carry out the work tasks
  • the candidate (competence, background and why the candidate is assessed as the right person)

Processing of the application by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can take 3-6 months. It is therefore important that the time aspect is carefully assessed before the announcement and that, if necessary, appears from the advertisement text that the appointment of the candidate must take place soon. If so, this will be emphasized when recommending and offering the position.

This is complicated, and the most practical method has not yet been found. A representative from PST will come to our department head meeting in 1-2 weeks so that we can find out more about what an export license means and how we should proceed.

Have a great weekend!


Joint Summer School between NORBIS and CEDAS

CEDAS, the Center for Data Science at UiB (UiB.no/cedas), and NORBIS, the national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology (norbis.w.UiB.no), are preparing a joint summer school for starting as well as for experienced data scientists, especially for graduate (and undergraduate) students, PhD candidates, and PostDocs.  We anticipate having this 4 or 5 days summer school on selected topics in data science in (or near) Bergen, likely during August 2023.  Given the increasing relevance of data science in modern science and applications, we are excited about this upcoming summer school, the lessons to learn, and the new connections to form between the participants.

With this, we kindly ask you to participate in a short survey which helps us to better understand the topics of special interest in data science, given that you are interested in (possibly) participating in this summer school.  Also, we wish to learn about the background of the participants to inform our preparations.  Your input helps us to target the participants and their interest as well as possible. Please note that the survey is adapted to more than NORBIS members and will ask for a few more things that we normally ask you about.

Please fill in our short survey at https://forms.gle/fdnbZNe69ZnTe5se9 until March 1, 2023, at the latest – it should not take more than a few minutes, altogether.

Note that you can leave us your name and eMail address in the survey (and tell us that you’d like to stay informed) – if you do so, we will gladly keep you informed, possibly invite you to join a Discord server (given that we set one up for the summer school), etc.  Sure it’s also fine to fill in the survey anonymously – also this helps us to better understand what to prepare for!

Given your interest in data science, you’re kindly invited to join us on our Discord server for CEDAS: https://discord.gg/6SAFpRFm – also, if you were interested in receiving news from CEDAS, we can easily put your eMail-address onto our CEDAS-info eMail list (let us know).

VACCELERATE Volunteer Registry

As the European vaccine trial network VACCELERATE, coordinated at the University
Hospital of Cologne, we want to make a contribution so that people interested in clinical
research and organisers of clinical studies can find each other more quickly, e.g. on
COVID-19, polio, influenza and other respiratory infections.

If you register yourself or your minor child, we can inform you by email as soon as a
study fits your profile. Only then you will decide whether you want to contact the study
organisers and receive more information about the offered study.

More information can be found in the attached poster.