Upcoming events at the International Centre

Tax seminar
Sign up and join us for an online information meeting regarding paying tax in Norway.
This is useful if you are moving to Norway, shifting between Norway and other working countries, or working from abroad. We will have this seminar 2 Fridays per month, from 11.00 to 11.30. The next seminar will be on February 10th. In the registration form you can choose which date you want to sign up to. Read more here.

Mobility seminar
Are you planning a research stay outside of Norway? Join our mobility seminar 16th February to learn about practicalities and necessary steps of planning a research stay abroad. You can register here.

Visit to The Norwegian archive for Queer History
The “Skeivt arkiv” is the Norwegian national archive for queer and LGBTQ+ history. Their key mission is to collect, document and communicate Norwegian and Scandinavian queer history. We will have a guided visit on February 22nd from 14.00 to 15.00. You can register here.

Introduction course
This course is step 2 of our introductory seminars for new international employees. The course will take place on March 29th from 12.30 to 15.30, in Zoom. You can register here.
Please complete step 1 (short e-learning course) before attending.

Tax return seminar
Every year we host a tax seminar for international employees to assist with understanding and filling the tax report in Norway. The seminar is held in English by tax lawyers. It will take place around march/April, we will confirm the date later. You can sign up here.

For new employees
• When you receive your Norwegian ID number, remember to send it to post@lonnskontoret.uib.no.
This also applies when you receive your Norwegian bank account number.
• If you need to book an appointment with us, you can do it through our calendar.

Check your tax card
You can now check your tax card for 2023. If you do not make any changes, your tax deduction percentage will remain unchanged. You can contact the tax administration if you have questions regarding your tax card.
If you were on the PAYE scheme in 2022 and became a tax resident of Norway (you lived in Norway for 183 days), you will be transferred to the ordinary tax scheme this year.

If you have a temporary ID number (D-number) remember to apply for a new tax card this year. If you don’t apply for a tax card, you will get 50% taxes. Make sure you collect your annual statements for 2022 from UiB, bank, financial institutions, NAV or other applicable sources to check that your tax statement for 2022 is correct. You should receive these statements during the month of January or early February.

Event calendars
There are many interesting events, courses, and seminars at UiB throughout the semester. We suggest subscribing to the UiB main calendar and the International Centre calendar.

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