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The Letten Prize

Call for applications for the Letten Prize 2023
The call for applications for the Letten Prize 2023 is now open. The application deadline is February 6th, 2023.

The Letten Prize
The purpose of the prize ‘is to recognize younger researchers’ contributions in the fields of health, development, environment and equality in all aspects of human life’. Furthermore, ‘the prize aims to raise public awareness of how research can be used to solve global human development challenges’. The Letten Seminar, hosted in connection with the prize ceremony, is particularly dedicated to the latter. Read more about the initiators’ vision for the prize here.

Courses offered at the Medical library, Autumn 2023

Courses offered at the Medical library, Autumn 2023:

  • Introduction to Endnote
  • Searching in PubMed and Embase
  • Introduction to systematic reviews
  • Literature studies for Bachelor and Master students (in Norwegian)

The courses are planned as a hybrid solution, with the option of attending either physically or online through Zoom. The courses are mainly for employees and PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine and for employees at Helse Bergen. Courses for students are normally given as a part of their study program. If that isn’t the case, they can attend these courses as well. The courses are free of charge, but registration is necessary for our planning.

Dates, registration and more information can be found on the library’s web pages:

Courses in English: https://www.uib.no/en/ub/128609/courses-and-guidance#courses-requiring-registration

Courses in Norwegian: https://www.uib.no/ub/126018/kurs-og-veiledning#kurs-med-p-melding

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