Lecture by Anna Blom: Cytoprotective roles of cytosolic forms of C3

Cytoprotective roles of cytosolic forms of C3

9th November 2022
BBB, Auditorium 4, 12:00

About prof. Blom’s research

Anna Blom received basic education in biochemistry and molecular biology from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Her PhD studies in medical and physiological chemistry were focused on bikunin-containing proteins, plasma protease inhibitors also involved in organisation of extracellular matrix. After defending PhD thesis in Uppsala in 1997 she moved to Lund University for a postdoctoral training with Prof. Dahlbäck who is expert translational coagulation researcher. Supported by long-term funding for salary from Swedish Research Council she established independent research group focused on studies of the complement system, a crucial part of innate immunity. In 2005 she was appointed a full professor of medical protein chemistry at Lund University. She has contributed significantly to understanding the role of complement in various pathologies such as infections, rheumatic diseases, cancer and immune deficiencies. Most recently she showed a role of complement in diabetes and contributed to discovery of a novel field of intracellular complement. Her research was recognized by award of large grants such as Wallenberg Scholar from the Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden) and Distinguished Investigator within Endocrinology from the Novonordisk Foundation (Denmark).

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