Daily Archives: Friday October 21st, 2022


Dear all!

The area committee is in the process of mapping the area use in the laboratory building. All research group leaders who are housed there have been sent an excel file and asked to fill in the forms for their groups so that the committee can begin the job of preparing suggestions for better utilization. Everyone is welcome to give your input!

And then I want to remind everyone that autumn is the time for personal development interviews. Mia is responsible for the employees in the administration. As Pål wrote a few weeks ago, he has the interviews with the research group leaders, while the research group leaders have been delegated the responsibility to have the personal development interviews with the members of their research groups. It is therefore important that all academic and technical employees belong to a research group! Let us know if you don’t know which group you belong to and we’ll figure it out.

Have a great weekend!

Can we make better use of our areas?

The areas in the lab building are used in much the same way as when we moved in in 2009. Both the research and the need for wet labs have changed significantly since then. The department management has for a long time discussed the research and economic benefits of making better use of the areas. Therefore, head of department Pål Njølstad has appointed an area committee consisting of Silke Appel (chair), Eystein Husebye, Siv Lise Bedringaas, Simon Dankel, Helena Harris and Silje Skrede who will prepare suggestions for better utilization.

We therefore want to have input for better area use and we will soon send out a questionnaire to the research group leaders to get an updated overview of the areas we use. So if you see us wandering around the house, you know why. Feel free to stop us in the corridor if you have any good suggestions to share with us.

Best regards on behalf of the area committee


Energy saving measures at UiB

The University of Bergen is facing very high electricity bills in the current, next and coming years. UiB has already implemented a number of measures to reduce energy consumption in order to make the university climate neutral by 2030. This has been done by focusing on targeted measures such as seawater systems, solar panels and development and upgrading of buildings.

The university management informed the university board about the increased energy costs in a meeting on 15/9. The board authorized the university management to implement cost-saving measures to manage energy costs in the short and long term. UiB has also received a letter from the Ministry of Education and Science about implementing measures that have an effect in the short and long term.

The measures being implemented have been presented to the shop stewards and safety representatives in the Negotiation Committee, the students and have as a prerequisite that they should not go beyond the core business or a proper working environment.

Example of measures implemented by all units in dialogue with local management:
-Inform and motivate our own employees to contribute so that we can reduce energy consumption together.
– Respect the operating hours and that the building is closed for operations at weekends, in the evenings and during holidays.
-Use less hot water, fill dishwashers and autoclaves completely before starting.
-Close doors and windows, switch off lights, projectors, screens etc when not in use.
-Optimizes the use of space.

Example of measures implemented:
-Reduce operating times for ventilation in the buildings by around 10%.
-Lower the indoor temperature (NB: not below the recommended limit).
-Close technical facilities in buildings operationally during holidays, especially important in the cold season.
-Reduce water temperature in the swimming pool to the lowest recommended (26°C) and ventilation in the swimming hall accordingly.

Sincerely, university director Robert Rastad and rector Margareth Hagen