Day Zero 2023: Call for workshop abstracts

SDG Conference Bergen invites you to submit an application to host an event as part of Day Zero of the SDG Conference Bergen, 8 February 2023. Apply by 18 November.

Day Zero is a free, all-digital day of events on the day before the SDG Conference Bergen. It is an opportunity to organise creative spaces (workshops, debates, exhibitions, etc.) presenting work of relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We invite a diverse audience to participate, whether you are a student or work in academia or research, civil society, non-profit, start-up company, corporation, or small business.

The topic of the SDG Conference Bergen 2023 is A just transformation to a sustainable future. Focusing on a sustainable transformation of societies to become safe and just for all entails thinking about the grand challenges of our time. These challenges have been put under pressure by recent and unprecedented events with impacts on a global scale, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, war, an energy- and food crisis, and several ecological disasters. How can we ensure that this transformation is a just transition leaving no one behind?

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