Can we make better use of our areas?

The areas in the lab building are used in much the same way as when we moved in in 2009. Both the research and the need for wet labs have changed significantly since then. The department management has for a long time discussed the research and economic benefits of making better use of the areas. Therefore, head of department Pål Njølstad has appointed an area committee consisting of Silke Appel (chair), Eystein Husebye, Siv Lise Bedringaas, Simon Dankel, Helena Harris and Silje Skrede who will prepare suggestions for better utilization.

We therefore want to have input for better area use and we will soon send out a questionnaire to the research group leaders to get an updated overview of the areas we use. So if you see us wandering around the house, you know why. Feel free to stop us in the corridor if you have any good suggestions to share with us.

Best regards on behalf of the area committee


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