Open Science Workshop

Collaborative reproducible science using version control

We are organizing a practical workshop focusing on Open Science and reproducibility in science projects.

This light-hearted workshop will cover practical exercises on:

  • Basics of version control (Git/GitHub)
  • Collaboration using branches and forks

Come and join us on a journey to become a scientist of the 21st century!

Aimed at: PhD students (but everyone is welcome)
When: 24. November (13 – 16h) and 25. November (9 – 12h)
Where: Biologen Blokk A K1+K2
Please sign up here: ! Deadline is 20. November 2022

How to prepare: You need to have R (v 4.0. or higher), RStudio (v 1.4 or higher), Git installed on your computer and a GitHub account. In addition, you need to link your GitHub repo to RStudio.
Tutorial for linking Github and RStudio:

For questions contact: Aud ( or Ondřej (

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