Eitri Medical Datathon

Dear all,

We are hosting the Eitri Medical Datathon, September 16-19, 2022 and are looking forward to seeing many of you there!

The event will consist of two parts – the Datathon during the weekend and the Datathon conference on Monday September 19.

During the datathon, we will form teams of clinicians, data scientists and other enthusiasts. The teams together with mentors/experts from US, Singapore, France, and UK will solve health challenges using real world data and AI. It is an excellent opportunity to work with world leaders in the field!

The conference will bring together clinicians, data scientists, industry, policy makers, and other experts to talk about AI use in healthcare – opportunities and challenges.

For more information, please, check out the website https://www.eitrilab.no/datathon2022, or email us (torleif.lunde@uib.no or maija.slaidina@uib.no).

To participate in the datathon, sign up here: https://www.eitrilab.no/datathon2022

To participate in the conference, sign up here: https://www.eitrilab.no/events/datathon-conference

Hope to see many of you at the event!

Best wishes,

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