Info about phd and postdoc-positions from the faculty

Unfortunately, due to a pressured financial situation at MED, we have to take the following measures related to the recruitment positions (PhD and postdoc positions):

        1. No free recruitment positions will be announced in the autumn-22
        2. 3 PhD positions will be announced in autumn-22 reserved for research line students
        3. A decision on whether to advertise free recruitment positions spring-23 will be made towards the end of autumn-22 when we see how the economy is developing.
        4. Promises of recruitment positions in connection with already granting external applications will be fulfilled, but employment in such positions in the autumn of 22 must be postponed until 1 January-23 at the earliest.
        5. In cases where a contract for employment has already been signed in the autumn of 22, this can be carried out
        6. The scheme for awarding recruitment positions to external projects ( is temporarily halted and thus does not apply to applications with an application deadline after 01.09.22. For any allocation of recruitment positions to large projects, contact the research section.

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