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Teaching prize and summer thoughts
The annual Teaching Day was successfully conducted on May 18th in collaboration between K2 and K1, with good attendance. I want to thanlk all of you who contributed to making this into a great day!

The K2 Teaching Prize was awarded to professor Jone Trovik. She was awarded the prize for developing an elective course in gynecological ultrasound for medical students.

Do you need basic training in teaching? Summer is low season for teaching – perhaps it should be high season for booking courses in teaching or documenting your teaching skills and experience.

Perhaps you have creative ideas regarding teaching or the organization of teaching and learning? The recent UGLE meeting discussed how we should start thinking through what we should or could teach, and how we teach, when student numbers increase.

Good luck with your last efforts before end-of-term and summer vacation!

Mette Vesterhus
Head of Teaching

Workshop on Single Molecule-based Super-resolution Microscopy: from Acquisition to Analysis, from Theory to Applications

Dear Colleagues,

Are you studying proteins or RNAs in the plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, or mitochondria ? Are you curious whether these molecules move freely or undergo confined movement, how fast and how far far they move, how they are dynamically arranged at nanoscale resolution in live cells, or how they change behavior after a pharmacological stimulation or in a disease model ? If so, then you should not miss this workshop at the Department of Biomedicine at UiB.

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