New research networks – medical and health research

COST is a European networking organization where most European countries (including Norway and all EU countries) are members. An important task for COST is to promote European research cooperation by initiating scientific networks (COST Actions). More information about COST can be found on their website .

In May 2022, it was decided to initiate 70 new COST networks. Networks within or relevant to medical and health research are listed in the table.

In addition, the attached file provides an overview of all the new COST networks, including a summary of the individual network. On June 23, COST will publish detailed descriptions (MoU/Memorandum of Understanding) of the networks. These can be found via this page: Browse COST Actions – List of COST Actions past and ongoing | COST

The Research Council of Norway coordinates the process with a view to Norwegian participation in COST networks. Attached is the application form (Norwegian and English version) to be used by those who wish to participate in the networks’ management committees (Management Committee/MC). We would like to see applications submitted as soon as possible, as the networks will start up just over summer/early autumn. The application form and CV must be sent as an attachment by e-mail to Trude Dypvik:

1) New COST Actions – booklet
2) Application form (engelsk)

New COST-networks within/relevant medical and health related research:

  • CA21130 – P2X receptors as a therapeutic opportunity
  • CA21139 – 3Rs concepts to improve the quality of biomedical science
  • CA21153 – Network for implementing multiomics approaches in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease prevention and research
  • CA21165 – Personalized medicine in chronic kidney disease: improved outcome based on Big Data
  • CA21168 – Improving outcome of Juvenile Inflammatory Rheumatism via universally applicable clinical practice
  • CA21108 – European Network for Skin Engineering and Modeling
  • CA21110 – Building an open European Network on OsteoArthritis research
  • CA21117 – The role of IMMUnity in tackling PARKinson’s disease through a Translational NETwork
  • CA21147 – European Network on Optimising Treatment with Therapeutic Antibodies in chronic inflammatory diseases
  • CA21122 – PROmoting GeRiAtric Medicine IN countries where it is still eMerGing
  • CA21137 – Ethics in Dementia
  • CA21113 – Genome Editing to Treat Human Diseases
  • CA21115 – Iron-sulphur (FeS) clusters: from chemistry to immunology
  • CA21151 – Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Haplo-Selected Cord Blood Samples
  • CA21160 – Non-globular proteins in the era of Machine Learning
  • CA21162 – Establishing a Pan-European Network on Computational Redesign of Enzymes
  • CA21169 – Information, Coding and Biological Function: the Dynamics of Life
  • CA21116 – Identification of biological markers for prevention and translational medicine in pancreatic cancer
  • CA21135 – Modelling immunotherapy response and toxicity in cancer
  • CA21140 – INTercEption of oRal CancEr develoPmenT
  • CA21154 – Translational control in Cancer European Network
  • CA21123 – Cancer – Understanding Prevention in Intellectual Disabilities
  • CA21152 – Implementation Network Europe for Cancer Survivorship Care
  • CA21105 – Blastocystis under One Health
  • CA21111 – One Health drugs against parasitic vector borne diseases in Europe and beyond
  • CA21132 – European Swine Influenza Network
  • CA21145 – European Network for diagnosis and treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
  • CA21164 – TowArDs an improVement in diAgNostiCs and trEatment strategies for TB control
  • CA21170 – Prevention, anticipation and mitigation of tick-borne disease risk applying the DAMA protocol


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