Employee interviews

The semester is well underway, and this also means that it is time for the annual employee interviews. All employees who have a main position at UiB must have employee interviews. This also includes PhD candidates. For employees with 10-20% positions, the group leader can agree with the employee that it is not necessary.

The employee interviews are an important arena for clarifying expectations of performance, providing mutual feedback and insight into each other’s work situation and addressing the working environment and conditions at the workplace. Especially for younger researchers, it is important that career planning is included, and that basic pedagogical competence is something they should keep in mind.

The employee interviews have been delegated to the research group leaders, while I as acting head of department will begin the employee interviews with the research group leaders, which Pål will continue to do when he is back at the helm. This has been moved to 21 October since the SFF application deadline has been postponed until 20 October. Head of Administration Mia Holmaas is responsible for the employee interviews with administrative staff

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