Home office – Mona Synnøve Nilsen

I have been a PhD student at the Hormone laboratory research group since May 2018 and investigate the metabolism of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in obesity and insulin resistance. My research project is based on performing much lab work experiments, and it is not possible to do lab work at home. I have therefore postponed some lab experiments. I also have 25 % duty work to my PhD position and I am teaching bachelor students in nutritional biochemistry. Some days before the university closed, I was preparing a lab course for the students. The lab course had to be canceled. I also planned to attend research conferences before the summer, but these meetings are also canceled due of the coronavirus.

It has been a bit challenging to work from home, but I have managed to find solutions. I have taken an extra PC monitor home from work and my home office is at the biggest table in my apartment. Lately, I have been able to work with my paper that are going to be resubmitted soon. I have also completed my midway evaluation on Teams.

I think it is important that we hold on to the daily routines, maintain regular (digital) meetings with your colleagues and maybe go for a walk during the day. I hope things will get back to normal soon.

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