This week’s employee – Maria Holmaas

Can you tell us something about your daily tasks and work in general?

I work as a senior consultant at Økonomi, but am so lucky that I have been given the position of Advisor/Economy Coordinator at K2 and start with it in a week (17.02.). I will probably continue to work with financial guidance and follow-up for some research groups as I do today, in addition to the new tasks I will get. Of course, I do not have details about the new job yet, but some key tasks will be the general management of the finance section at K2, responsibility for budgeting and reporting, and in addition to externally funded financial management, I will work with management support and advice on financial issues to the department management.

What do you enjoy working at K2?
I really enjoy K2, I’ve done that from day one. First and foremost, this has with all the handsome people who work here, both the ones you meet sporadically at the coffee machine, the ones you work with for the day and the people you work with from other disciplines. In addition, the tasks are a nice mix of routine work and challenges and I find it very nice to work with finances, management and at the same time learn new disciplines to know. Has always had a goal that you should learn something new every day (large or small) and you get that to the very highest extent at K2. I can’t wait to go to work every single day!

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