There will be elected one member (and three alternates) to the Faculty Board at the Faculty of Medicine in group B (temporary employees in teaching and research positions).

The deadline for proposals of members (groupB*) is set to Friday 27 April 2018

*) Temporary positions as “Research fellow”, “Postdoc” and “Researcher” are included in group B.

Proposals must be received by the Electoral secretary, Gjert Bakkevold, (Armauer Hansen House 4th floor, room 416), within 03:00PM Friday 27 April 2018.

Group B is represented on the Faculty Board as follows:

Group   Number Functional Period
Group B Temporary employees in

teaching and research positions

1 + 3 alternates One year –

from 01.08.2018 to 31.07.2019

Written nominations (with handwritten signatures) must be signed by at least three voters in the respective group. No person can sign more than one proposal.

The proposal must contain at least one and no more than four candidates.

Proposal with more than one candidate should take account of gender balance. The proposed candidate must be eligible.

You must have been employed since 1 March 2018 in order to be eligible and vote for group B.  In addition, you must have at least a 50 % position at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, and a position in the same category to be elected.

An employee who is eligible is obliged to accept election and to act in the post as elected. Anyone who has had a post, may refuse re-election for an equally long period in which he/she has served continuously. If a candidate is proposed who can claim exemption from election, the proposal shall be enclosed with his/her written consent, see § 10.

The Election Board may, upon application, exempt a proposed candidate from standing for election if there are weighty work and welfare purposes.

Date of election
The election will take place from Thursday 24 May ( 09:00AM ) to Wednesday 30 May 2018 (12:00AM )

The election will be conducted electronically and as a preference-election ref. § 9 and § 30 of the university’s rules of election.

Electoral roll
Employees must ensure that they are registered in the electoral roll.

Link to the election rules for the University of Bergen

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