Large international conferences on teaching and learning in Bergen October 24th to 27th 2018 – call for abstracts!

This is the annual conference of “The International Society for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning” ISSOTL, and it collects approximately 500 teachers and researchers from around the world. “Scholarship in Teaching and Learning” is about having a scientific approach to ‘what works’ in teaching and learning, and the theme of this year’s conference is Toward a learning culture. It is thus the collegial and cultural aspects of learning and education that will be in the center. This is something that will interest many at UiB and in Norway just now, in the era of Kvalitetsmeldingen!

Here are great opportunities for UiB employees to participate – be inspired, share experiences, meet other teachers or researchers, promote all the wonderful stuff we do in Bergen to the world … you name it! You can contribute with a presentation or poster, and participate in the panel, workshop, or just be a participant. Deadline for submitting abstracts is 8 April.

Read Call for proposals here

More information about ISSOTL18 here

Good news: UiB and some of the faculties * are helping with the conference fee! And it will be student grants!

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