Desperately seeking … TEACHERS

At K2 we do have many teaching contributions: pharmacy, nutrition, molecular biology and dentistry, but the most comprehensive is the medical curriculum with all its facets from the basal anatomy, physiology and biology to the whole panorama of diseases (in addition, contributions from the university for the education of medical specialists are being asking for). As university employees we ALL have to contribute as teachers/facilitators, although at different levels. The academics hold the responsibility for lecturing, but specific student courses may need assistance from technicians/non-medical scientists. Students will also need mentoring during specific projects in handling instruments/machines and statistics.

PhD students with UiB scholarships are to fulfil a proportion of compulsory service/work. With relevant medial background I will ask for their appropriate time/share to be allocated for teaching. PhD students with other scientific backgrounds will be prioritized for other needy/worthy tasks. It is important that each mentor inform their PhD candidates accordingly regarding these UiB expectations and actively encourage them to participate in teaching activities. Other “non-UiB scholarship” candidates are encouraged to participate in teaching activities. During their PhD training, the candidate shall participate in academic dissemination. Teaching activities will be one way of fulfilling this. In addition, planning for future scientific employment, teaching experience is important. Hopefully I will be informed of who may be included as teacher from the new pool of PhD candidates.

The teaching day 2 May has a teaching portfolio as a theme, precisely to enable us to document and visualize teaching skills.

OSCE (Objective Structured Clincal Exam), or station exam in Norwegian, is used for pharmacy already, while in Medicine 2015 it will be held for the first time in full scale for a full litter of students on 20 June. We need that teachers from the first to the sixth semester make exam paper proposals. This must be reported to K1 OSCE responsible, professor Eirik Søfteland.

K2 shall be responsible for implementing the final OSCE for the 12th semester. There, we need to find a person with an interest in teaching/evaluation that will help lead the work towards the first exitOSCE in June 2019. Do you have experience (graduated from e.g. the Netherlands or the UK?), or just want to take the challenge with a new part of the educational range: contact me! Or tell me someone you think will suit this; “tip phone” =


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